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Security of supply

Prevention is almost always more efficient and cheaper than responding. Thus, the vision of the ESPA is also primarily focussed on prevention in addition to the preparedness to respond. Based on the role of the ESPA, this means focussing on continuity, which will also help to reduce the reliance on the physical supplies. Thereby, in addition to the prudent management of the national stockpile, the ESPA also provides added value through amplifying activities, focussing on the development of flexible solutions to increase the preparedness of the state for a more extensive crisis.

In order to ensure the security of supply for the state and the population, the ESPA is building the capacity to form and maintain a central stockpile. As it is necessary to be prepared for crises as cost-efficiently as possible, the ESPA is simultaneously developing measures which will help to prevent the need for such stockpile.

The supply must be resistant to crises as well as be sustainable from the economic perspective. Thus, the model of security of supply must integrate the elements of response measures and adaptability. The central supply chain must be adjustable, as the required status may turn out to be considerably different from what is initially planned. The central processes are lively, flexible, and capable of quick development: such a supply chain can cope with unforeseeable situations and turbulences.

Like national security, security of supply is the result of a joint effort by the state, the society, and businesses. The work of the ESPA towards continuity may be seen as operations to support the supply chain and fix a broken supply chain, if necessary. Thereat, it is important to highlight that the solutions ensured by the ESPA are emergency solutions, replacement solutions by nature, and thus restricted from the temporal perspective. The ESPA will not replace the activities of the providers of vital services to ensure continuity, but can help fill any gaps in the continuity which may arise in spite of those efforts. Such diversity of measures will help to ensure sustainable preparedness of the society for crisis situations.