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Estonian Stockpiling Agency

AS Eesti Varude Keskus (Estonian Stockpiling Agency or ESPA) started operating on 1 July 2021. It will manage the stockpiling and storage of vital goods necessary during emergencies and will take care of organising their commissioning.

Estonian Stockpiling Agency (ESPA) is the new business name of the former Estonian Oil Stockpiling Agengy (OSPA). The registry code, address, bank details, and other data of the company will remain the same. The establishment of a stockpiling agency will not cause any fuel-related changes for the current contractual partners of ESPA.

ESPA will manage not only fuel stocks but also stocks of food, medicines and personal protective equipment. In addition to its stockpiling tasks, ESPA is a partner for commodity producers of strategic importance in increasing business continuity by helping to increase additional raw material or other production stocks, strengthening critical infrastructure and logistics, and conducting crisis exercises. We will develop the best solutions for building new stocks and the operation of logistics in cooperation with companies operating in the field.

ESPA has 16 years of experience in contributing to the security of fuel supply as a state-owned company. As a result of the coronavirus, several governments have begun expanding the role of their stockpiling agencies. Our aim is to move without undue delay from the political planning stage to the implementation of the new security of supply action plan and to grow from being an agency focused on one topic to becoming an agency ensuring business continuity in several fields of activity. With additional tasks, the competence and capacity of the agency will also increase.